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I was reading the paper this morning, cringing at the millions of advertisements for things like $14,000 linney's diamond necklaces (supposedly on sale??) for valentines day. i've never had much appeal for valentines day, and yes maybe i'm single at the moment, but it's never been a fuss for me even when i have been in a relationship. why should we have to spend money to tell someone we love or care for them on one day of the year? i'd prefer to have a dinner out with a guy any other night, being a spontaneous thing rather than being "oh its valentines day, better take you out and do something fancy just this once (but really can't be assed)", even if it is just pizza and beer. Simplicity can make me very happy!

This got me onto reading a small article in the corner of a page. It made me laugh, though made me a little sad at the same time. A guy in the UK, Peter Backus decided to write a thesis (very small one) experimenting with the Drake equation and relations to women. The Drake Equation was invented to estimate the theory of evolved civilizations that may exist in the galaxy. This guy has taken that concept and applied it to the idea of finding your ideal partner. The results aren't great, i'll warn you now. For this poor 31-year-old guy, his chances are 1 in 284,000. Probably is similar for other people, especially someone as fussy as me at times. But it goes to show, do people settle for second best if this study has any chance of being believable?? Those are some slim pickings...I'll never be bothered to find my perfect Dan haha.

Have a read for yourself, won't take you long...

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