i was invited last minute to a rather random art presentation in the city tonight with a friend. we weren't sure what to expect,
all i was told was that it may possibly be some sort of dance or theatre show.

instead, we walk into the king street arts centre to find a small beautiful, simplistic refitted room filled with plain chairs facing a projector screen.
what followed was a rather interesting, unique two hours of "dance performance" film as it was explained to us, the work of uk dancer/choreographer/director shelley love.

i was blown away by some of the films.
simple, stripped, raw movement pieces.
some incorporated a unique style of reverse film, which makes the viewer think in a whole different light. the viewing was a great experience, and i am now quite a fan of her work.
its great to see people with such amazing imaginations, i envy them, even if i am in soon to be in the creative industry myself.

the night was followed by a wander down a seemingly empty wolf lane, only to find a neat little bar tucked away in the back alley, suitedly named wolfe lane, where we enjoyed a nice glass of temperanillo-shiraz and glass of barossa gsm[?] and a shared plate of dips and turkish bread.

such a great night, to do something different for a change. i always enjoy spending time with amy, no matter how long its been since we've caught up, we still chatter away like peas in a pod.

the clip above is a snippet from the 22minute film presented to us "the forgotten circus", one of the films presented tonight. watch the whole film on her site, its so chilling and mesmerizing
-i loved it.

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