so this is what i wore to work today; another long 10 hour day with a broken heater, so had to last the long shift and be comfortable. i feel its classic and simple, yet fits the camden image well. plus i felt super warm too-its getting so cold here now. i put on my white pashmina scarf, grey arm warmers and black trench coat to and from work everyday on top of my refular outfits. im wearing h&m singlet and trousers, with a vintage blazer from home and ring from home also. not pictured are my awesome work boots-the dream boots i posted a little while ago, and also wearing a pair of beige zara socks with those. i was super comfy today in my merchandising mode, spending most of the day preparing the store for the area managers visit tomorrow. and helping train a new girl and eunning around ocassionally with sales and cashier. one more day til the weekend! cant wait. ive been listening to mark ronson non-stop, cant wait to see him perform with the business international at freeze festival this saturday/

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