I got my new camera the other day, canon powershot G11.
yeah its not a dslr, but i've got no clue how to use those things and I thought they would be too bulky to backpack with, so this was the halfway option. it's like a hybrid, I can still change alot of settings, plus I can attach a few other lenses onto it too. waiting for my telephoto, wideangle and fisheye lenses to arrive in the just a matter of learning to use it.

I had to put this photo up, I secretly love it, and his hobo charm + my camera rock this photo. (he's gonna hate me if he ever finds out I posted this pic, but oh well. its cute.)

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  1. aw, is this you beau? very cute indeed.

    and no worries, i'm always late with those things! i loved your facts :) i empathize about the competitiveness. hehe.