thanks for the tag from the lovely cinta (apologies for taking soooo long to answer!)
here are seven little things about me:

my favourite movie is donnie darko.
i'll never fully understand it, but i can sit down anytime and watch it again and again and again.
the storyline, the characters, the mystery, the soundtrack.

I can play several instruments. piano, alto sax, tenor sax, flute, clarinet, oboe, bass and a poor effort at the guitar. i love the piano, i find it so soothing.

my biggest fear is failure.
I want to excel now and later in life in all aspects: my career in architecture, money, friends and love.
but most of all i want to excel in all these things and be the happiest i can be.

I am an extremely competitive person.
and i mean VERY competitive.
so you're better than me at tennis? golf? wii? drawing?
i may hate you secretly, alot.

if i could change one thing about me, it would be my ears. one sticks out, and the other is pointed like a pixie. i hated it throughout my entire childhood, hence why i prefer to wear my hair down. apart from that, i love who i am, curves and all.

i leave for europe on june 24, 2010.
i dont know how long i'm going for, or how i'm going to afford this trip. all i have is a one way ticket to london and dreams of living in san sebastien eating amazing tapas and drinking red wine, and getting my diving license.

i have a weird ability to remember the lyrics to basically every song i hear.
i wouldn't say its a great gift to have, seeing as i suck when it comes to studying and remembering things come exam time and every other important occasion, but i love singing out, and love music.
i feel i am a very musically inclined being.


looking back on my life so far, i have no regrets. i've done some stupid things, but i've learnt from every single experience. i want the next 11 months (before i start uni again) to contain some of the most amazing memories of my life.

to anyone out there who cares to listen, share your several snippets of information, i always love to read.

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  1. This was really interesting, thanks for sharing :)

    I think 'no regrets' is such a good attitude to have, I need to remember that more often.