today i had a dramatic change.
so to recap, when i first arrived in camden i signed up to be a hair model at hob salon-seeing as i wanted a new cut/colour at some point but didnt have the funds for the treatments i was willing to have done.
just under two weeks ago i got the cut-dramatic. half of my hair was gone, seriously. the length was still there, but i have layers that are about 5cm long to begin with. it hurt, but im adjusting well to it now. i have a wicked thick perfectly cut fringe. and phat hair
(yeah, i spelt it with a P H )
and today i was booked in for a hair appointment-colour. no idea what i wanted, so i let the colour technician throw some ideas around. sounded good. im now sporting a dark burnt sienna hairdo.

i love change, and this is definitely an amazing way to refresh myself in the london lifestyle. and all done by professional award winning colour technicians and stylists for free? it doesnt get much better than that. the photos do no justice (i took them at night-silly) teresa did some amazing light strawberry tones on the front longth of my hair, must get some better lit pics up soon..

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